Oh . Gross ........

Remember when your kids said that to you when looking at supper???

This really was gross.


This was my pond.



OK ... in my defense ... and Lord knows I need one!!!  Every time we went to clean the pond this spring, there were tadpoles.

And tadpoles were followed by frogs and more tadpoles and more frogs and still more tadpoles.

It was a vicious croaking circle!

Then August came ... and 90 degree temps and 36 days without rain.

You get ....... well ........... gross!

So I scooped that mucky messy crap out of the pond.  I discovered where all the mulch on the farm had gone!  Oh my God!!! 4 to 5" deep .... green, algae covered mulch!

I was stylin'.

And you have no idea the aroma that clung to those jeans!!

But after a couple of hours of scooping, weeding, cleaning and filling .........

we had this..............

Happy Ducks!!!


linda/Il said…
I've been struggling to keep my bird bath & fountain going. Keeps getting green algae so I cleaned it out & put a little clorox in it.
Wrong kind. It sudsed up & looked like a bubble bath! After 2 days I emptied & started over. But it keeps evaporating so much with this heat & the birds splash water out so it's a constant struggle.
colleen said…
what a beautiful ending. What a JOB that must of been

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