Prop Laundry?

I had an odd/strange comment the other day. 

We had a delightful group of senior citizens out on the farm a couple of weeks ago.  When they were ready to leave, I overheard a woman say, "Do you think that's her laundry on the line?"

My first thought was ......... No, it's mine.  I don't take laundry in."

But then I realized that they thought it was prop laundry.


Once I was asked if I hung laundry out for effect.

Yes ... I do hang laundry out for effect.  The effect of drying.  Which is why I never hang laundry out on a rainy day.  Unless it needs another rinse! ;)

I also hang laundry out for another effect .... more money in my bank account.  Sunshine is cheaper than propane!  May be pennies but I'll take it!!!!

I know I am not the last person in America to hang laundry out.  Most of my friends hang out laundry. 

But seriously .... in the age of reality television .... we think nothing is real???  Everything is a prop????

Well -- I am coming clean!  Like my laundry.

This is my tee-shirt.  And I wear it.

Yep ... most of you would use this as a dust rag.  But this is the infamous "nearly naked canning" tee shirt.

Well-venitilated for air movement. 

Yea ... you will only get to see it on the clothes line.

Thank God for the alarm on the driveway!!!


colleen said…
Love your "prop"!! I have a "prop" in my backyard that no one sees..guess I'll move it out front to give the place a country feel. When I can't get to the clothesline in the winter I use indoor clothes racks (also known as "props")...anything to save a little electricity...when you have nice wood heat coming up the register whey would I want to waste it?!? Like to try to be a little frugal.
Michelle said…
Unbelievable – especially coming from a "senior citizen" who presumably has some life experience with this!

I mostly use an indoor drying rack (my mom's old one, so an antique) because we are too wet in the fall/winter/spring and too dusty in the summer....
Barb said…
We haven't had time to put up a real clothes line yet here. We've been too busy building a shelter and putting in fencing for the critters, cutting wood for the winter, etc.. When dear hubby comes down we only have two days to get things done so the clothes line isn't a priority yet. So.....we have rope strung between two trees. Still gets the job done and grand daughter's diapers dry. In the winter it is a folding clothes rack in front of the wood stove. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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