If you have been to the gardens in the last couple of months, it is a sure bet that a small black and white tuxedo kitten followed you.

Snapdragon ... as she was named by Olivia .... was a stray that suddenly appeared one evening.

She met us as we arrived home from an evening with friends, pranced down the sidewalk and steps .... and instantly purred as Honey picked her up.

She never stopped purring.

Snap was friendly, gregarious and absolutely tolerant of anything a small child could put her through.  She loved to sit on a soft lap and be stroked.

She loved to play and pose and dance through the garden.

She would pounce and startle our customers as they cut flowers ... playing with the stems that were suddenly moving away from her!

Earlier this week, we found her unresponsive.  I rushed her into the vet's office where they tested, x-rayed, and tried to determine what was wrong with our adorable kitten.  She was wormed, given antibiotics and fluids.

But still ....... no answer what was wrong.

We lost her today.




I know there is a season for everything.

I know that there is a reason for everything.

But for this little kitten .... and all the joy she brought to so many ...... the season seemed much too short.

I walked through the garden this morning.

And like Honey and I ..... it was crying.

Good bye sweet Snapdragon ..... you did life well.


Sharon Wren said…
Noooo!!! Oh Cathy, I'm SO sorry! Fiona sends kitty love, Buttercup and Fuzzy send Silkie hugs and Cheeto and Honey send half Silkie half Orpie hugs. We hatched 2 eggs, your Honey isn't spending time on Campbell's Island.
Cheryl Birkhead said…
God alone holds the answers - our work is that of faith - to trust Him and to celebrate life as we have been given it - short or long. I am sad, but He holds my tears. See you in Heaven Snap!
Cheryl Birkhead said…
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Zan Asha said…
Ohhhh :( Cathy, this is never easy and I know how much you've wept for so many of those sweet faced fuzzballs you call friends. I am crying for you. Life is so sweet and fragile. I am sending hugs across the miles.
Sue Mercer said…
So much we can learn from this! Love big your whole life. Tell people how great it is to be with them. Have fun with everyone and everything. Live so others will remember you...and smile. Thanks for the lessons, Snapdragon!
Michelle said…
It is raining - outside and inside - here as well now. I'm so sorry.
Ginny said…
Ginny and all the pets at Ginnysyard send our hugs to you. R.I.P. Snap <3
colleen said…
So sorry for your loss. :'(

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