Summer Kitchen Update .....................

With the extreme heat we had in August, I wasn't getting a lot done in the garden.

But work doesn't stop here .... it just changes.  And when the thermometer soared, the needles came out.

And they seemed to be smokin'!  I thought it was the sweat of my brow landing on the hot steel needles.  But I was wrong! :(

Tea towels continue to be drawing interest and I love doing them!  I swear I am going to do an entire set for myself .... some day!  But for now .... they all are for you!

This has always been one of our most popular towels.

I LOVE this towel .... this time in hot pink, lime green and navy blue.

It is Iowa ... it will get cold.  So I had to embroider this cute cup of cocoa.


I've been drawn to funky color combinations lately.  So this purple and red pie towel appeared.

And obviously, I have been drawn to pie!!!!

If you have ever been to Miss Eff's, you had to notice a couple of things.  We have a lot of chickens, cats and flowers.  Two of those things are joined together in this tea towel.

And finally ...... I found some fantastic art work online and this towel appeared.  Love the goat!!!

It is on a teal colored towel .............. a little different for me but you will see more in the future.

So that is what is new in the Summer Kitchen for today .......... maybe something else will appear tomorrow.

Wink. Wink.


Shannah said…
My bridal shower is at your beautiful place next weekend (Sept. 14th) and I cannot wait!!! And, I just might need to snatch up a few of these towels, so cute! I love the toaster one!
Love these. All of these. So 50's so cute, so comforting. Love these! You are so talented my friend

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