Blogging on ....

I have been blogging for over 5 years.

Five years!  Seriously!

And over that 5 years ... blogs that I have read, have faded into the that virtual life-ever-after.  And if you click -- next blog -- to peruse different, new blogs that you have never seen before -- often the last post is dated 2012, 2011 or 2010.

And you wonder .... what happened to them?  Where did they go?  Why aren't they in cyber-space?

And we all know why they aren't there.

Life happens.

The bloom may be off the blog.

Some blogs have become unbelievably successful.  Book deals have come through them.  They are personalities in their own right ... from blogging.  I find that exciting and thrilling .... for them!  Advertisers approach them ....Deals are made..... They have found success by writing a blog.

I am not one of those blogs.

Often, I am surprised anyone other than a few close friends ever reads this.

But that's not why I write.

I always liked to write.  I took journalism courses in college but putting the who, what, when, where down on paper .... took me a lot more words than the journalism-industry  wanted.

I wrote/ write like I talk -------- A LOT! 

I wasn't interesting enough to be a novelist or short story writer.  No exciting plot lines were ever ruminating in my dreams.

But I continued to like writing.

Then -- a few years after I started the business -- I read portions of diaries that farm women had kept --decades and even a century ago.

Those diaries were not terribly interested.  They talked about calving, family weddings, new pieces of fabric and churning butter.  They talked about weather, darning socks, baking bread and chickens scratching out their newly-planted vegetable garden.

They talked about every day life.

And that is what I do  .... talk about our life on the flower farm.  Scrapes, scraps and gray hair.

Maybe one of these days .... a box of faded articles and photographs will come up at an auction.  And someone will wonder who Miss Effie was.

And if they look hard, and dig through the cloud of cyber-information, they will learn about a mouthy aging woman -- who couldn't stop talking.  As boring and uninteresting as she might be, she might open a window into our times and the life that many of us led.

And that is why I blog.


Michelle said…
Well said; I can totally relate!
colleen said…
You keep writing and I'll keep reading!! I can ramble on also when I write. I have a 90 year old lady that I send letters to every week. She likes to hear about my old fashioned life style sooo I tell her all my goings on. When she is done with my homemade cards and letters she sends them back to me so I can keep them as a diary. Pretty neat idea if I must say so myself..See here I go long on words. You take care and keep writing!! Have a great day.

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