Flowers .....



I'm going to talk about flowers.

Cuz guess what?  This is a flower farm.

I know!!!  Who knew????

It is October 2, 2013 and I have flowers!!!


Now ... they are not the perfect blooms of June.  They have endured wet feet, chilly nights, steaming hot days and dryness that would turn all of us into prunes!

But they are still bright and cheery and they make my heart sing.

 Lizzies always make my heart sing.

Some will dry for everlasting bouquets.

Pumpkin-on-a-stick ..... 3 stems for $5.00
And some .... like these pumpkin-on-a-stick will brighten your autumn decorations.

Then there are the flowers that will brighten your daily life.

Hand-embroidered tea towel .... $15.00

Or little things ..... like these needle cases.

Handmade needlecases .... 100% merino wool felt .. $15.00

For the rest of the season .... all buckets of flowers are $10.  Yep!  $10.00

Walk ... clip ... enjoy. 

And finally ........ one last note about a favorite flower, our little Snapdragon.

Thank you so much for all the notes, comments and virtual hugs.  She was definitely a very special kitten.

Olivia .... who named Snapdragon ... sent me this very sweet poem.  I think you will enjoy it as much as we did.

On angel's wings you were carried away,
soft as a breeze on a summer day.
In our hearts there is a hole, for you were worth as much as gold.
The tears are still wet upon our cheeks,
but our love for you will never grow weak.


Ginny said…
Beautiful poem for a beautiful kittie. I LOVE my needlecase and so does my kittie, I have to be careful not to keep needles in it , lol. She loves to caryy it around :-).

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