For the price of a pizza

It is a happy month at the Lafrenz household.

We own our home.

No mortgage.
No second mortgage.
No home equity loan.
No home equity line of credit.

Regardless of any financial nomenclature --- we own our home!!!

Strike up the band! 
Let the balloons drop!
And listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing Halleluiah!!!

Yea .... to say we are happy, is an understatement.

In 2005, as our mortgage had hit the 4 digit amount .... we needed a new well. 

We debated about taking it out of savings
We debated about a second mortgage.
We debated about a home equity line of credit.

And in the end, we rolled the small existing mortgage into a 15 year home equity loan and put in a new well and some new storm windows.  It was what worked best for our financial situation at the time.

Now -- that was a new roof, heart attack, 7 medications,  2 eye surgeries, D& C, a payroll cut and an economic down turn ago.

It wasn't a pretty time at the Lafrenz household.

We each worked two or three jobs.  We carried papers.  We ate a lot of eggs, pasta and beans.  We shopped GW and SA and other favorite thrift stores.  We cut expenses .... over and over and over again.

But every month, I tried to pay a little extra on the loan.

I paid $19.15 extra.  The price of a carry-out pizza.

Sometimes, it was the price of a latte.

But I tried to pay something more.

And this month .... it is paid.

6 years and 11 months early.

Cue the confetti!!!!!


Michelle said…
Forget the confetti; that deserves a 21-gun salute!!!
callie brady said…
Congratulations! Lots of hard work and it paid off...enjoy!
Dan Mays said…
It is amazing how much of a difference a little extra can make on a mortgage -- or most anything else in life.
WOO HOO for YOU TWO!!! My Great Grandfather who immigrated from Ireland in 1856 used to say "Two sticks akin (together) a ditch at least you can call it your own" In other words owning your own land /house is everything.
Zan Asha said…
Wow! Good for you guys! CONGRATS my friends!
colleen said…
This was so encouraging!! We are paying off a home equity loan and I know I will feel the same as you when that last payment is sent!!! CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS to you!!!!

Ginny said…
WOW Congrats to the both of you!!!

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