Keeping me off the streets.

When the air becomes crisp, the nights become longer .... the same question echos through rows of dwindling flowers at Miss Effie's.

What do you do all winter?

Yes .... that immortal question.

What do you do with your time?

So ..... do you really want to know?

I sit on my butt, eat bonbons and catch up on Days of Our Lives.  Doug and Julie -- what a great couple!!!  (What do you mean they haven't been on for the last 30 years????)

Yea .... not so much.

The reality is that it looks like I will be taking up residency at Scott Community College Adult Education Classes.


They have heat.

No -- you know I have been teaching cooking classes.  And last spring, I started teaching basic sewing skills.

And beginning sewing classes morphed into beginning sewing two ... where either a zipper or sleeves are added to the sewing knowledge.

Then that morphed into my favorite type of sewing .... Home Dec ... where I will teach how to measure windows and figure yardage for window treatments, bedding and pillows... etc.

So when the coordinator for Adult Education Classes called and asked me if I knew of anyone that could teach Interior Design Classes, I said ......

Me! Me! Pick me!!  Let me teach that class!!!

Reaching back into the dark ages .... when Doug and Julie really were on Days of our Lives ..... I worked in interior design.  I designed window treatments, I sold floor coverings, I worked with furniture layout and construction and finally, I was a kitchen designer.  Yep --- about 30 years of my working career was spent in home decor in one sort or another.

And although, my house sure doesn't show it ..... I still read home dec magazines and books constantly.

And I am really excited to share what I do know.  But what excites me the most .... is helping people determine their personal home decor style.  Because style is different than fashion.

Style is timeless.

Fashion is fleeting.

Style is a quality sofa, wool rug and a worn but loved leather chair.  Style is a pile of vintage books topped with a brass candlestick.

Fashion is a  microfiber sectional with recliners, cup holders, and a fridge compartment for your beer.

And there is nothing wrong with fashion ..... but style is what makes your guests say "I love your house."

There was a trend many years ago with Bed in a Bag.  Instantly, you had shams, sheets, comforter and draperies that suddenly transformed your bedroom.  Everything perfectly matched.

But style is built in layers.  Beautifully embroidered vintage pillowcases on top of a duvet with a wool plaid throw at the end of the bed.  Doesn't come in a box .... but takes time to acquire.

Fashion happens.

Style evolves.

Hopefully, I will be able to share that with you ..........when I'm not eating bonbons!


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