Little things ....

It is all in the details.

Yep ... it is. 

You could be talking about sewing or embroidery or cooking or the garden.  I have always thought that it is the little details that make something change from ordinary to extraordinary.

Today ..... its decorating.

Which I am only so-so at.  I don't do holiday or seasonal decorating. 

Maybe its because I'm not a big shopper and I have little room for stuff. 

Or maybe its because I am lazy and I hate putting it all away.  Getting it out is fun!!!  Putting away ........ not so much.

So seasonal decorating means adding throws, tossing a new pillow, changing trays from pink to dark red.  Pretty boring stuff.

I have been trying to focus on purchases that make little differences in our home.  Better curtains, wonderful shades, new shelves. I am trying to focus on bones rather than fluff.

Today ..... its taking the windows back to 1890.

Now ... a smart person would wait until we could tear out the walls, replace the plaster, strip the woodwork and make everything original.  But 17 years ago .... we wanted to do that.  And 17 years later ... we are still waiting.

I decided to make a little change that no one else will ever ever notice.  But I will.  And it makes me happy.

Window lock prior to Saturday morning ................

Once upon a time in the 60's ...... they would have had a brass plating.

Window locks on Saturday afternoon.........

Solid cast brass with antique brass finish.....

Not antiques but made from original molds.

When we re-do the windows and the molding, the residue marks from the old window locks will disappear.  And that won't happen for a while yet.

But until then .... 

I notice them .... and they make me smile.



melanie said…
Gorgeous!! Do tell, where did you find them??
Miss Effie said…
Melanie .... these came from House of Antique Hardware .... I wanted antique ones and could not find enough to make it worthwhile. I'm very pleased.
Zan Asha said…
I have always loved your attention to detail!

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