Making my List ............

I bet you think I am talking about Christmas.

Nope .... something far more rare than Christmas.  Christmas comes once a year.

This does not.

Honey is taking a week of vacation.

All at one time!!!

Yes .. yesterday he shocked his 25 year-old co-worker by telling him that he would be gone all next week.

But you don't take time off!

No .. Honey doesn't take a lot of time off.  Which is why he has accumulated 100+ hours of vacation time.

We are responsible adults.  And its killing us.

We are Baby Boomers!!! 

There has got to be some sense of irresponsibility still left in us!!!

After all, we are the generation that coined the word joint.  And now, its something that hurts in the morning when we try to stumble down the stairs.

We knew what a buzz was.  And now, its the irritating sound an alarm clock makes at 5 a.m.  Or maybe its the constant ringing in our ears from too many Head East concerts.

So next week ..... we will be irresponsible. 

We will sleep in to 6:30 a.m. .................. unless we wake up to go to the bathroom.

We will sit on the hill and drink beer ......... except for the nights I teach class.

We will stay up until midnight, watching the Late Shows on television so we can understand what everyone talks about at the water cooler.   We will be asleep, but we will still be downstairs!!!!

Yes ..... we will be irresponsible!

Wait ...... Honey is off for an entire week!  Think of all the jobs he can get done this week!!!

I'm starting my list ......... NOW.

I'm a Baby Boomer .... responsibility starts with a list.


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