Obessesion Progression ...........

These are looking sooooooooooooooo good!!!!

 Before .....

After .....

They have been stripped, scrubbed, stained with Minwax Special Walnut and then a coat of Minwax American Cherry ......

Then two coats of amber shellac went on next.

And you can still see the stain in the corner of the chair.

They look a little gold in the photo ---- the beautiful fall sky makes everything look gold this time of year.  :)

Caning has started.  Honey is ready to start step 5 of 7 steps.  This is a more accurate picture of the color of the wood.

And my new shades are installed!!!!

I know ... it is crazy to obsess over the correctness of window shades.  

But it seems,  crazy is the new normal in my life!

Don't worry .... I already have papers.  :) 

I didn't think I was asking a lot.  I wanted a cloth roller shade.  No plastic cords on the side.  Just a nice old-fashioned roller shade.  

And I am in love!!!  Really!!!  

The crocheted pull-ring truly warmed my heart.

Or maybe it was the new furnace.

Yea ..... it was the new furnace.



Dan Mays said…
Yeah, but Cathy . . . have you seen these new shades?


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