The heat is on ..........

The view from our backyard last evening.

Fall has been so incredibly lovely ..... beautiful blue skies, south breezes, rustling leaves and warm temperatures.

Friday, I cut zinnias for the living room.

And the lisianthus, scabiosa, and lavender went into the bathroom.
It makes it easy to forget that winter is only a few weeks away.

So .... it is cozy time at the Lafrenz household.  Time to snug up the house and prepare for snow, wind and cold.


The wool throws and blankets came out so I may snuggle under them.

I dressed the bed with the electric mattress pad, down comforter and an extra cotton blanket.  I can't bring myself to put on the flannel sheets. Soon but not yet.

Even tables that are usually covered in lace .... are warmed by pieces of wool.

I've been bringing plants in the house that I hope to save through winter.

The wood stove had thorough cleaning.  We replaced some chimney parts to prevent fires.  Through it all ....... I had hoped to see chimney sweeps dancing on my roof.  But alas ..... no dirty sweeps, kicking up their heels, singing.

But today is the coziest day of all.

And probably not a day too soon! 

The new furnace is here!!!!!!!!!!


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