Warm Fuzzies .........

Now that the flowers are crunchy ... people often ask, What do you do all winter?

Well -- I rest.
I relax.
I teach.
I bake bread.
I attempt to clean 5 months of dirt out of my house.
I find the bottom of the laundry basket.
I work on all the projects that I didn't finish last winter.  ie.@ laundry room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.  Yea ... the list is kind of long!


But most of all -- I play with fuzzy stuff.

I love fuzzy stuff.

I've been spinning .... which is kind of new for me. 

Well .. not new.  But the happiness level is there.  And that seems totally new.

I made a couple of small changes. 

1) I put a cushion on my chair.  Yea.  Since I am soooo short -- finding a comfortable chair is difficult.  I found a chair that fits great .... small, low, comfortable back.  But it has a hand-woven hickory strip seat that is not comfortable.  And since spinning is like meditation .... comfort is key.

2) Prozac.  See last spring's blog post.  Meditation.  I needed to relax. Slow down.  Mellow out.  Difficult stuff for me to do.  Prozac has helped tremendously!

And I finally got a yarn that is soft, beautifully balanced and not over-twisted..... and I am pretty happy with it.


I've been knitting for the Summer Kitchen.  Lately, fan and feather scarves.  Lacey ... easy ... pretty ... versatile.

This one is long ... wide ... can be wrapped, knotted and tossed.  I love this.

And this one is shorter and much narrower ... but the graduated colors make me smile.

And finally, I have been having fun with the merino felt.  This felt is 100% merino wool and is luscious!

It is so soft and easy to embroider.  The needle seems to slide right through it.  I used some multi-colored hand-dyed floss for the blanket stitch on the outside.  The center is done with couching stitches with two different colors of floss.

Now --- if I could learn how to make things out of the dust bunnies that seem to be breeding in my living room!!!!!


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