A Black Tie Affair .............

Every so often ..... a beautifully engraved envelope will arrive in the mail.  It will be an invitation to a charity gala.

Hosted by people with names like J.D. Rockefeller or Thurston Howell III, I always wonder how they got our name on the list.  Cuz obviously, we have never met these people!!!

And always .... we turn down the invitation.

I am certain it is not because of the $500 a plate donation that put my seats in the very back corner of the room.

It's not because two plates of food would equal the sum our electric, propane, insurance, phone bills and groceries for a month!  

(There were less expensive tables but they were next to the ladies restroom and had the caveat of handing out guest towels to the patrons.   I would get to keep the tips, though! )


I don't have a black tie.

Until now.

Black merino - cashmere blend ....... with sequins.  Itty bitty tiny sparkly sequins.


Can I wear Rider jeans with that or do I have to splurge on Levis???

And do you know where I can buy a pair of high heel Crocs???


Dan Mays said…
Do you still get to keep the tips?

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