Burnt fingers...........

If you drive by our house and you see smoke rising out of the family room ..... before you call 911 ..... stop and see if I am knitting.

I swear I could start a fire with my knitting needles.

Except they are my really pretty walnut ones and I would hate to lose those!!!

Since last Thursday .... I have started and completed the following projects.

This is a new mitt pattern.  I love doing moss stitch ... I think it is so simple and classy.  The ones on the right were knit to gauge according to the pattern.  But they are large.  For the green wool mitts, I went down 2 needle sizes and  went to DK weight yarn.  They fit me nicely.

I spun, plied and set the twist for  five skeins of yarn.

I knit this single twist teal mobius of hand-painted wool and a mohair blend. 

This scrappy scarf has a lot pinks, cranberry and blue running through it.

This is a super long fan and feather scarf that can be doubled and pulled through nicely.  It looks great with a camel wool coat!!!

And finally, this is an bow tie scarf that some one asked about. OK! She pinned it on my Pinterest board and tagged her knitting friends!!!  (yea ..... that was subtle!)

So I had to do a test run on the pattern.  It's really cute and I am almost done with another one.  Yea ... you always make a few alterations.  And a few more will be coming.

Not bad for 5 days work!!!!

So if you see smoke .... stop by.  Check and see if I am OK.

And save my walnut knitting needles!!!


Michelle said…
No one need ever worry about MY knitting needles catching on fire, unfortunately. I'm SO slow....
colleen said…
Lovely knitting!! I've been warming up my needles lately. I am now doing wool felted mittens, regular mittens and scarves. Love to knit and give away. Have several mittens to put on the giving "mitten" tree at our hospital and going to send some to the area schools so no little ones will have to have nippy fingers. You need to keep a squirt bottle with water by your chair and if you see any smoldering coming from your needles you can cool them down :) Keep posting your projects, love seeing them

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