Cautiously Optimistic!

Seventeen years ago, I moved into this house.

Our living room was a magnificent space with a bay window, lots of natural light, great size, beautiful molding and a fabulous door.

But it was all covered up.

The first thing I did was rip the pink carpeting off the floor.

Then I looked at the walls. I hated the "country -blue, 1980, heart-laden, looking-for-geese" wallpaper.

Unfortunately, the plaster had/has serious problems and has to be replaced.  But that was the issue in several rooms and there were more pressing problems.  So the living room repair/ redecorating  got placed on the "infamous" back-burner.

And the "country-blue, 1980, heart-laden, looking-for-geese" wallpaper still lives my living room.


I've learned to ignore the blue wallpaper and decorated the furniture in colors that I wanted.

But its tough to ignore the falling plaster and buckets sitting on the floor ....... trying to catch the rainfall.

Now -- the bucket brigade does not come out every rainfall. No -- just heavy rainfalls or when there is a driving rain from the east.

We thought it was the roof on the bay window.

We replaced the roof ......... and  it still leaked.

We thought it was problems with the windows in the master bedroom.

We repaired those ....... and it still leaked.

We found a rusted piece of flashing full of holes.

We replaced that .......... and it still leaked.

And now ... we replaced the tar paper and siding on the east side of the house.

Two rainfalls later ...... no buckets!!!!!

Yes .... the indoor living room  shower seems to be turned off.

We will let the wallpaper live through the rainy season of April and May .......... just to be sure.

But I sure do have my hopes up!!!!!!!!


colleen said…
good thing to wait...I have rushed things in the past and ended up with more work for myself!!

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