Knit one .. and another .. and another ..another.

Wow.  It has been a busy week.

This week I taught three classes ... Sewing for Beginners, Scrappy Scarves to knit and Breakfast Made Easy.  I feel like I am juggling! 

I am still not sure how many different balls I can keep up in the air ....

I guess I will learn after I start dropping some!!!

But the one sure thing .... it is fall and I will continue to knit.

So here are this week's knitting projects.

Four mobius were twisted into shape.

Long  .. 2 shades of blue wool blended with a kid mohair and silk yarn.

This one is LUSCIOUS!  Wool, mohair and silk handpainted yarn blended with a kid mohair and silk yarn.
Lots of  beautiful soft color when you look closely.  Lavender, blue, mint green and yellow.

And a wool with a little acrylic blend.  Really soft and fun ...

So ... that's the mobius scarves that were knit this week.

Oh -- I said four???  I made one for myself.  I have hid it.  It is mine. 

Mine! Mine! All mine!


Then there were the infamous scrappy scarves .... I was trying to clean out some stash to I can really justify my expenditure at Knit and Knot.    

OK -- I was just trying to find some room to store it!!!!

This is the camo scarf ... so you can hide in plain sight.  Lots of handspun yarn ... silk, alpaca and wool with a little mohair for the fuzzy factor.

And another ......


This is the scarf I made during the scrappy scarf class .... yellow, lavender, white, blue with just a touch of green.

All of these scarves are over 6' long without fringe ... they fold and wrap beautifully.  

Can you tell I live in a cold old farmhouse???

I really liked the bow tie scarves ... so I made two more this week.

I sold the bright colored wool one.  I had enough yarn, I made another one.

And this teal heather wool is really pretty, too.  (I could have straighten the tie out a little better!!!)

Now .. I know you think I sit on my butt all day and knit.


Sometimes, I sit on my butt and spin.

Can you tell what roving I bought on a cloudy day???????????????

That's all that is new from the Summer Kitchen today.  

Stop in .. say hey!!  We are open every Friday from 10-3.  And you can always drop me a note ... if we are home, we can be open!

And now .... back to my knitting addiction.

I hear there is no cure for that one!


Michelle said…
Even if I DID sit on my butt and knit all day I could produce that amount of output! Your needles must be smoking!
Michelle said…
"could NOT" . . . sheesh . . . .
Sharon said… mean I'm teaching myself how to knit a scarf, and while I'm struggling with some parts, you're teaching a class on that very topic? How can I sign up?

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