Wanting a little political correctness here!

Every year I go through this!!  And I am fed up!!

We have politically corrected our vocabulary and our lives to death ......... EXCEPT in this one little area!!

And it is time for some one to stand up and change this!!!

Every Halloween the same lack of respect happens again and again.

The same image .... over and over and over.

Like Janet Leigh screaming in the shower.

Do you ever see a haunted Craftsman Bungalow???

Do you ever see a Georgian home with dead tree branches eerily scraping across the shingle-less roof??

Where is the three bedroom ranch with finished basement with shutters falling off their hinges???

Do images of Florida beach side condos show up on cards, television, horror movies??

Is there a full moon peaking over a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, brick front McMansion on a suburban cul-de-sac??


When they show a spooky, haunted house on Halloween, what do you see????

An old, lone, Victorian house on a hill ........ desperately crying out for paint.


Like this one.

Get my point??? 


Dan Mays said…
Stop it, Cathy! You are scaring me.

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