All I want for Christmas is a .....

fabric store.

I miss fabric stores.  Not craft stores.  Not quilt stores.

I miss fabric stores.

I miss rows of linen fabric.  I miss bolts of corduroy in thin to thick wale.  I miss beautifully embroidered eyelets and border prints.  I miss cotton velvets ... true ultra-suede .. and silks, not silky.

But most of all ......... I miss wool.

I live on the east coast of Iowa and I can find fantastic quilt shops with beautiful  fabrics that make the cutest aprons.  I can find every color/pattern of fleece known to man.  And if I was so inclined to make formal wear, I could find acceptable fabric.

But wool ............... oh, how I miss wool.

The other day, I found a pattern that I didn't want to live without.  I went on a search for fabric.

At one craft store, I asked if they had wool challis.  They told me the wool was over there.  I asked if they had rayon challis.  And the middle aged clerk ... had no clue what I was talking about.

At the other so-called fabric store, I did find a selection of wool/ wool-blend fabrics.  I found ONE 100% wool.  The rest were wool blends.

Personally, I think it stretching it a bit to call it wool.  The fabric I chose had 10% wool blended with the acrylic and polyester.

Yes, I am certain that flock of sheep was grazing in a pasture 2 miles from the Dupont plant and the air intake system took up 10% wool that had been scattered in the wind!  :(

I wish that was unusual.  It wasn't.

I miss wool.

I miss coordinates,  I miss Pendleton.  I miss tartans. I miss wool crepe, true wool suitings and wool knits.  I miss hounds-tooth and checks and plaids and boucle's.

I searched .... and I searched.  I would like to make a plaid skirt and a solid jacket .... out of 100% wool!!!  Two coordinating fabrics.  I asked for the impossible.

I miss fabric stores that have clerks that know fabric!!!

I miss wool.


Dan Mays said…
I say "Whoa!" to wool. My memories of wool are a bit disparate. As a small child, I can remember being FORCED to wear wool. Unfortunately, I was the second child of the family and got stuck wearing my older brother's hand-me-downs. My body type was more muscular than my older brother and every shirt or sweater he wore was way too tight in the neck for me. No matter . . . shut up because you are going to wear it! ITCH!!! Damn, I hated wool. I swore never to wear it again. . . . and haven't!

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