Project lists and little projects

We do it every year.

We write out the project lists.

I write my project list.  Honey writes his project list.

It is the things we want to accomplish in the upcoming year.

Many times .... it is a wish list.  Time, energy and money make the "to-do" in the list .... evaporate like the wish you make on a falling star.  


It has vanished off the list!!

This year, it is a list of little projects.  

Well, at least for me.  Honey's list seems to be much more intense.  (wink. wink.)

I want to do 52 projects for our home.  One a week.

Part of this has been prompted by new classes I will be teaching this spring.  I will be teaching both an interior design class and a home decorative sewing class.

And while thinking, preparing and planning for the classes .... I realize that I know how to do a lot of stuff. But my house sure doesn't show it.  

I realized .... I have ONE tea towel that I have embroidered.  The potholders and dish clothes are mismatched items.  I might have run out of yarn so they are not as large as I would have sold.  Colors may be off. They are Summer Kitchen rejects.

Well -- that is coming to an end.

New projects ... completed projects are coming to our house.

I know!!  Who knew we could actually cross something off of a list!!!

So ... for the first reveal.  Remember these chairs???

I had absolutely nothing to do with these.  

OK ... I was a major cheerleader and I listed the old chairs on Craigslist to spur on the work.

I did a good job at that.

All four chairs are done ..... stained, varnished, sanded, repaired and caned.  

And the old chairs are tucked safely in the attic.  

Never list anything on Craigslist before discussing it with other family members!


Now .... for my project!  And again, truth in blogging ... Honey had absolutely nothing to do with this project!

We now have TWO hand-embroidered tea towels in our house.

First person to dry their hands on these is in big trouble!!!!


colleen said…
Glad to see you are back..I check everyday. A project a week is very inspiring to me. I knit, scrapbook, card making, and do Christmas ornaments for the kids and grandkids every year...I should get a good head start on things if I do something every week and not b pressed for time when i need these things. Last post would send so I hope this one and if you get two..Sorry. Keep us posted on your weekly projects

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