Stitches ....

I come from a long line of fiber/fabric obsessed women.

This is a photo of my great-grandmother's and my great-great aunt's dress shop in Roseville, Illinois.

I'm guessing from the dresses in the window and their attire .... late 1880's or early 1890's.  My aunt is one the right .... little and sassy.

The nut doesn't fall far from the tree.  ;)

According to my grandmother ... this was my great grandmother's thimble.  But I think (judging from the very pale engraved initials) it must have been my great-great grandmother's.

So I am certain when I escaped the womb --- I was attached with Belding Corticelli mercerized cotton thread or maybe some Germantown worsted weight yarn. My earliest memories are being surrounded by fabric, sitting under the pattern counters at Wolfies' or sewing on buttons on a pillow.

Yea ... that fiber-y stuff is in the DNA.

And as much as I love my garden and the flowers and soil and smells ........ I feel empty without a pair of knitting needles, an embroidery hoop or a sewing machine.

The last few weeks have been a flurry of needling ..... all sorts of needling.

Whether its knitting a new cowl .....

or a super soft bow-tie scarf ........

or embroidering a tea towel .....

 Or maybe three tea towels .... ;)

Or working on an apron,  all that fabric, fiber, thread and yarn is part of my heritage.  

I've been teaching sewing classes and knitting classes.

So I don't feel at all guilty about this purchase ........

Not one little bit. 

I think Aunt Kate would understand!


Ginny said…
Enjoy your new toy!!

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