The Boogie Man

Today I went to the doctor for a 6 month follow up visit for depression.

The first question is always .... How are you?

So this weekend, I was searching to find how I am.

And like the seven year old that lives in my soul .......... I search the room for the boogie man.

Is he under the bed??  Is he behind the door???  Does he live in the deepest, darkest corner of the closet??  Or is tucked under my socks??

Where is the boogie man??

Am I eating too much?? (Trust me!!  It is never are you eating too little!!!)  Do I sleep too much or do I have insomnia??  Am I lonely??  Am I overwhelmed??

Because depression is like Carl Sandburg's fog .... it comes in on little cat's feet. 

Slowly, the fog rolls in.  You can see for miles.  And then, quietly and slowly, the fog envelops you and you are lost.  And lonely.  And you feel so very alone.

Most of us with depression will try to flounder our way out of the fog.  Fight and crawl and try to find our own way out.

But many of us will fall down the open well. 

We will hit hard.

And Lassie won't be there to run home and get June Lockhart ..... because she is the only one that understands Collie.

Less than 30% of all people with depression will get help.  Sometimes, we need meds.  Sometimes, we need therapy.  And sometimes, we need a vacation in December in the Bahamas!!

So ... how am I??

I am good. 

I am very good.

But I still believe in the Boogie Man.


Dan Mays said…
You need some Paul Thorn music.
Karen said…
Oh, how I understand!
Deborah Niemann said…
I'm hoping a trip to Spain does it for me this month!
If only we could cure depression with hugs...we'd all be OK. In the meantime, kick that Boogie Man in the keister for me!

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