Wind Chilly and Warm Fuzzies

Yes ... it is Iowa. 

And yes, it is winter in Iowa.

And it is cold.

Durn cold ... you might say!!

Wind chills are under zero .... and our pipes froze.

Well, some pipes.  The hot water in the bathroom and the cold water in the kitchen froze.  We used to deal with frozen pipes in the shower ... that seems to be fixed.  But now ... this old house must have sprung another cold air leak.


Our new furnace is working great ... but it looks like we need to button up this house a little more.

So ............. I am running a sale on things to keep YOU warm.

Yep ... hats, scarves, cowls, mobius cowls, bow tie scarves and fingerless mitts are 15% off thru Saturday December 14th.

And ya know ..... I have NEVER EVER done a sale before. 

All of the sale items are made by moi'.  Hand knit out of only natural fibers by an award winning knitter.  Really.  I have the ribbons to prove it.  Some where.  In a box in the attic ... where there is no heat so don't make me dig for them. 

No other vendors merchandise will be on sale.

So let me warm you up ........... and the dollars you spend will warm my heart.

And my toes ....

I tell ya.  There is nothing more exciting than buying insulation, heat tape, new windows, tar paper and caulk.


Old houses ..... ya got to love 'em!!!!


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