Beer 2's Day

There are somethings in my life that are engraved in stone.

Praise and worship the Lord.  Love my husband.  Enjoy my home and the joys that it gives me. 

And don't mess with Beer 2's Day.

Beer 2's day is a very special time.  Six friends get together. 

We drink local beer.  
We eat cheap burgers.

And we laugh and we cry and we celebrate and we mourn.  We talk about the joys of work and the frustrations of getting older. 

And we won't give that day up for ANYTHING.

I mean, really ..... the Beer Angel knows our orders by heart and most of the time ... has it in her hands as we get seated!  How could we disappoint her?

So yesterday, I went to a play day with a friend.

As I was looking around for a project to make .... she showed me a recent project she had done. 

And I said, "THAT is it!!!!"

Yes ... I know.

It looks like an ordinary tote basket.

But it is magic!!!

Yes. It. Is.

It's a growler basket!!!!!!

It holds two growlers of fresh local beer for easy carrying!

Beer 2's day just got classier!!!!

(And if you are counting ... that is project number 3.  49 more to go!!!)


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