The new year comes with new beginnings.  A fresh chance to get life right ......... this year.

So I start the year with the inveterate lists.

1) Lose 25 15 5 pounds.  (Revised ..... don't gain any!)

2) Purge 10 5 items daily from our home.  (Revised ..... don't bring any more sh*t in!!!)

3) Blog daily weekly whenever!!!!!

But one goal that I am uber-determined to achieve is this one.

Make 52 items for Honey, myself or our home. 

I have a "nest" where I sit in the evening or during the day ..... I am surrounded by yarn, embroidery floss, felt and fiber.  I move from embroidering to spinning to knitting.  Constantly doing "something". 

But we recently bought a package of tube socks while I have no less than 10 skeins of sock yarn in my stash.  I bought a couple of sweaters when there is enough yarn for two sweaters .... just sitting there.

And maybe its selfish but I like the stuff I have been creating ...and I want some for me!!!!

Ya know I recently bought a new sewing machine and I LOVE it!!!  But it is going to be nothing more than  an over-priced paperweight if I just let it sit.

So the year of 52 items has begun......

The polar vortex came and I decided I needed a new cowl to go with my "Damn!-it-is-cold-out-there" coat.  So a new mobius came out of some Noro that I had stashed.

I really like the colors.

And for the home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A tea towel!

There are more projects in the works that I will show you later ........

Including a pair of socks ...


Does completing projects for "us" count ... knitting stash .... count as purging stuff??? 

Or does it count as bringing more sh*t in???????


Catherine said…
I resolve to make it out to the flower farm again!
Miss Effie said…
Catherine .... I soooo like the way you think!!! You need to keep that resolution. Come visit the tea cup you gave me!!!
colleen said…
I miss you when I don't see you on here for a few days. Glad you are here today and you have such a good idea. I'm purging this year also. Have already taken a good deal of "STUFF" to the Salvation Army. It feels so good when a box full goes out. I have enough to keep up with with my card making/ scrapbook room and all my yarn..Never a dull moment around here and with less "STUFF" It puts more fun in the things I enjoy doing. Keep us informed on how your purging is going and your 52 things update.

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