The weather. So over it. So under it.

Welcome to winter in Siberia.

Yea ... I am still in Iowa.  But it seems the Russians have been kindly sending their greetings by way of a polar express.

I swear too much more of this .... and I will be scanning Dr. Zhivago for wardrobe inspiration! 

(And actually, I'm thinking I want to see this again!!  It has been decades!!!  I loved the architecture!  And Omar Sharif!)

To say it has been cold is an understatement.  But the cold has been the half of it with the howling winds .... making this old  house colder and colder.

We have had every faucet in the house freeze at one time or another.

The unheated upstairs (on a very very windy cold day) had a temperature of 18 degrees .... Fahrenheit.

Which is why you have heard little from me since my office is upstairs!

Then ... there is the propane scare.  $5.00 a gallon propane. 

One word of that on the news and I was in full panic mode!  Yikes!!!  A tank of that could do serious damage to the bank account!

Fortunately, I had booked propane last May.  It is a gamble.  Sometimes, during a warm winter, lot of people will get propane much cheaper than my May contracted price.  And there is always the gamble .... did I contract enough propane???

If you contract too much .... you pay for product that you don't use.  The dollars roll over until the next year .... but my money is still "sitting" on their books instead of in my bank account.  If you don't book enough .... you pay the current market price for any additional fuel.  At this moment ... that is $5 a gallon. 

And it looks like I did .... I still have over a 1/3 of my yearly contract yet to be delivered.  So I .... and the checkbook .... can take a sigh of relief. 

In the midst of this "delightful" weather pattern, I came down with the creeping crud.  Runny nose, cough, sore throat, slight fever.....

I am certain this is what the precursor to death feels like.

I begged the snowplow driver to just run me over and get it over with!!  But I wouldn't get off the sofa to get the job done!

It has been almost a week since I have left the house ... and today, I almost feel human!!!

Well -- I will after I drink another cup of tea!



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