Warm up!

It is sad when I jump for joy over the prospect of a temperature hovering around the freezing point.

Yes .. I am jubilant today over the hopes of a 28 degree high.

So after day after day of cold temps ..... 2 pairs of socks, long underwear, tee shirts under long sleeved shirts under sweatshirts and sweaters ..... I realized something.

I am doing laundry every day!!!!

We do not have enough cold weather gear!! 

And I thought we had a LOT!

So it was nimble (albeit freezing) fingers to the rescue!!!

Pair of socks number one!!!!

Pair of socks number two!!!!

The sewing machine did produce something too ...........

A new pair of flannel pajama pants.

That are in the laundry.  ;(

So if you are keeping count .... and trust me, I am!!!! ........ that is a total of 6 projects to reach my goal of 52.

Forty six to go!


colleen said…
Love the socks. I'm knitting some myself. Love your project a week idea and I've been doing it too. I'm seeing things add up pretty quickly this way...going to be way ahead of the game come next Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration to do this. I have at least two projects going at once and sometimes three. Have a great weekend
Miss Effie said…
Yea, Colleen!!!!

High five!!!!

Those remind me of the socks I buy in Ireland when I go. REAL socks made by real people who know that warm toes are a sign of REAL love. Keep it up Cathy girl and hey, lest be sure to go out for a meal after we do our teaching at IVCC in April OK?
Miss Effie said…
I would LOVE to!!!!!!

Will it stop snowing by April???

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