When you lane looks like this ...

Welcome to winter!!!

Today .... the wind is coming from the north ... so we have drifts like the one above.

Yesterday ... we had wind from the south and waist deep snow at the end of the lane.

You can see the mountains that were created by just getting us out of the lane.  The roads may not be bad ... but our lane seems to catch every flake of snow!

We are staying nice and snug in front of the woodstove.  Long underwear, two shirts, two pairs of socks and some really nice hedge wood that we are carefully burning!  Chili on the stove and lots of blankets on the bed and life is good.

But I am doing some psychological warfare with my stitching..............................

Warm thoughts!  Warm thoughts!!!


colleen said…
Plenty to eat and able to stay warm..we are truly blessed!! I sew a little, knit, scrapbook and card make but I still envy your stitching...LUV IT!!

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