23 Below Zero ..

Stayin' warm at 23 below takes a lot of clothes.

It's a sweater over my pajamas in the morning.

It's two pairs of socks all day.

It's 2 pairs of gloves (and an extra) lined jeans, long underwear, a hat, an extra hat, a sweatshirt, another sweatshirt and two neck warmers to send Honey to work.

It's cuddling under two blankets to knit or watch television.

It's baking bread or cookies or even cleaning the oven ....... just to heat up the kitchen.

It takes a lot of thought to stay warm when it is this cold.

Like discovering that the water bowl is toasting warm .......................

Can I order one in X-Large???


Michelle said…
Woman, that's COLD! Our electric water bowl didn't work at all this winter. I finally unplugged it. :-(
Ginny said…
Is he/she yours? How cute!

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