Creating my own reality ..

Years ago, I was acquainted with a gal that we might say ..... was "out there."

To say she lived in her own world was an understatement.  If we were working our tails off, trying to complete a project .... she would be slowly dilly-dallying along.

Once, I confronted her ... trying to explain the importance of the task we were doing and why it needed to be done now!

I was quickly informed that she had created her own reality and this task was not part of it.

I was certain she was bat-sh*t crazy. 

And to be honest .... I am still certain she is bat-sh*t crazy.  But I am joining her in creating my own reality.


I think I have cabin fever, winter blues, will-it-ever-be-warm-again thoughts.

And my cure is easy ........... I order more flowers. 

And more flowers.  And more flowers.  Largest. orders.  E-V-E-R.

Cuz I need to look at something like this!

This is a relatively new petunia called "Kermit" and the color is Baby.  I think it will be super cute in containers and flowing out some of our stump planters.

And then -- I have stuffed my orders with lots of perennials.  Most are pretty ordinary .... daisies, daisies and more daisies.  But I did order a favorite that I have not had in the garden in YEARS.

This is Verbascum  "Southern Charm".  It is such a sweet Victorian flower .... I can't believe I haven't grown more of it in the past.

I am not growing dahlias this year.  I was disappointed with last year's crop.  And they don't bloom until later in the season .... so they tie up two or three rows with plants .. but no blooms until late August.

So .......... more lisianthus!!  Over 1100 lisianthus!!

I heart lisianthus.

In many ways .... I am sticking with the basics this year.  Snapdragons, lizzies, zinnias, ageratum, celosias.

The plants that make me smile and make beautiful, long lasting bouquets like these ........

Today ........... my reality has me digging in the rich, moist soil ...smelling mint, lavender and that wonderful earthy fragrance that only drifts on a warm spring day.

I can hear the hens, clucking in the run .... playing tug of war with an earthworm that they spied.

I can see the robins tugging at straw, dead grasses out of the compost pile to build a nest.  The heat of the mid-day sun in on my shoulder and I hum as I plant.

It's a much nicer reality than this........

You know .... that acquaintance of mine might have been crazy. 

But I think I will join her .... at least, for today.


Dan Mays said…
Gotta love the Verbascum 'Southern Charm', especially when you realize that you will be driving past so many of it's rougher-looking cousins on the way out to Miss Effies. Of course, that cousin would be the famous "Cowboy's Toilet Paper", Verbascum thapsus; also known simply as Mullein.

Mullein is often mistaken as a native plant, but in reality, it is simply a European plant that has become naturalized.

On the other hand, the delightful refinement of 'Southern Charm' effuses such a delightful charm of color that it is just hard to ignore in a vase.

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