Getting the creative juices flowing

So you have heard my tale about trying to design a new/replacement kitchen.

I want a kitchen that looks like it has evolved with the house. I had one thought process of buying unfinished cabinets and "fluffing" them out the way I would like them.  Add a few hand-crafted cabinets, some awesome hardware and great guts .... I would be set.

And then we looked at the "too-slick" doors ..... particle board sides .... and I knew I would be unhappy.

And we don't want me unhappy.  ;)

So back to the drawing board for the perfect kitchen. 
That does not exist in any kitchen design studio in the QCA.

(Weeeeeeeeelllllllll ..... that may not be true.  But it will never ever ever happen in my price range.!)

Something primitive ... but not. 
Something cottage-y .... but not.

Explaining this to Honey has been pretty close to impossible!!

It was time for a road trip to try to show him what I am looking for.  (Again ... with the prepositions.  I can live with grammar errors but not with a standard out-of-the-box kitchen.  Go figure!)

This is TOTAL inspiration material!!  I am in love.  This cabinet was built in 1790 .... I love it all!!!  But the mullions in the glass door HAVE to line up with the shelves.  Otherwise, it will be a really short trip to crazy street for me.

Love Love Love the doors on this.  And the color is great!  Soft ... aged ... but not dark.

This is possible for a wall cabinet ....

I'll be stacking some cabinets above the stove hood ... I want the lower cabinet to have solid doors to hide the exterior exhaust duct.   The cabinet above it would be open or glass or punched tin doors.  And this extremely simple detail molding will hid the seam of the two cabinets and give it a period look.

I've been drawing out details for a single cabinet  ..... and the paint detail on this is awesome.  The cabinet will have a drawer below the cabinet space for phone books and pens .... and I think this paint detail could do a lot for the cabinet.

So it was a very productive road trip .... I got some fabric, Honey got beer.

And he is sure going to need it as I toss all these ideas at him!!!!!


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