Pillow Talk ...

There are purchases in life that just bring anxiety and frustration.

Buying your first home.

Buying a swimsuit.

Buying blue jeans.

Total anxiety.  Total frustration.

Let me add another one.

Buying a pillow.

Seriously.  I can be anxious about something I spend 1/3 of my life with.

(Notice how I am not one bit anxious about ending the sentence with a preposition.  Pillow purchase = anxiety.  Prepositions = not so much!)

Our pillows had become flat .... bunched .. uncomfortable.

So I decide to give them a spin in the washer to see if that would help.

Again .... not so much.

Honey and I went shopping.

I don't care about having "matching" pillows.  I want to be able to sleep comfortably.  I don't want to be flipping it over and over and over again.  I don't want to have to bunch it up several times a night.  I just want to sleep.

Like the princess and the pea ..... I swear I have gone through pillow after pillow after pillow ..... only to feel the pea.

I have tried latex foam, feather, cotton, polyester, down, memory foam and down alternative.

And again .... they all start perfect and they all fail.

Sunday, we shopped. (After imbibing in two three glasses of wine cuz that's going to make everything clearer???)

We squeezed, felt, cuddled, caressed, bunched and punched EVERY pillow in the store.

Honey selected his pillow.  I selected mine. 

And after 4 nights of sleeping, I have to say that I found The. Perfect. Pillow.


Do you think he will notice the switch???


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