Plans ...........

There is one really good thing about all this cold and snow.

(We just got 5" of fresh snow, the winds are picking up to 30 miles per hour and tonight ... it is going to be around -10!  Yea .... it is an adventure.)

It gives me LOTS of time to plan and think and explore new ideas.

And the latest ... plan, thought-process and exploration .... involves our kitchen.

It is definitely time for a kitchen re-do.

But the trouble is .... I can't walk into a cabinet shop and get the look I want.

Oh -- I could drop $30,000 but that is plain silly.  And I am still not certain I could get the look I am trying to achieve.  (Besides the fact ... I don't have $30,000!)

I LOVE a primitive look ..... a kitchen that has evolved over time.  A cabinet was added here ..... a different style there.  But often ... a primitive look is "too primitive" for me.

Maybe it is too close to what I currently have in my kitchen!!  Yea .... I have that same patch in my floor!

A cottage style kitchen makes my heart sing.  But the white cabinets ....white walls ..... are too "cool" in their feel  for the "tundra of Iowa".  And maybe for the style of this house.

The furniture details ... the quality hardware .... that I can achieve easily and inexpensively.  It is helpful to have decades of design work behind me.  And lots of sources I can scour for ideas and inspiration.

Fortunately, I have plenty of time to dream .......

Looks like the snow will be with us for a while.



linda/Il said…
When we moved to this farm there were white painted cabinets that could offer law enforcement agencies reliable fingerprints. Maybe because it sat without heat for 2 yrs. I switched to oak. Probably still have fingerprints.

Just tore out the appliance garage as it just took up too much of my countertop, which is in short supply. And all those uneven bottoms cabinets look like a disaster to clean around.

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