Pressing Matters.

Maybe it is because my first job in life was ironing my Dad's work shirts for a nickle a piece.

Or maybe it was bottle with the rooster on it that was used to sprinkle laundry.

Or maybe its because I grew up in an era that it was more likely that there was damp laundry in the fridge than soda.

I iron.

Now I don't iron tee shirts or sheets or blue jeans.

But my ironing board and iron are permanent fixtures in my house.

As I prepare to teach another sewing class at Scott Community College, I have discovered something that I can't seem to convey to my students.

You need to press as much as you sew.

Before I start ... I press the fabric and I press the pattern.

I press every seam as I go and I continue to press the  garment as I go.

I use lots of steam ..... I keep a spray bottle of water besides my iron.  I use a press cloth whenever necessary.

I press the seam binding and rick-rack before I apply it.

I press the first turn of the hem.  I press the second turn of the hem and I press the hem again after I have sewn it.

So .... tell me how to convince my students that the iron is as important as the sewing machine.

In the meantime, as I am pondering my dilemma, I'll show off last week's sewing project.

Pajama pants for Honey ......

Hopefully, by the end of the week, I will have a new linen dress for myself. 

Maybe one day .... I'll have a place to wear it!!!


Dan Mays said…
I would offer the iron as the "secret to success."

If you will take note of any sewing or quilting show on PBS, the host ALWAYS has an iron within reach -- even though they usually seem to use it automatically without mentioning it too much.

I grew up around a lot of great sewing women. I can't remember NOT getting yelled at to watch out for the hot iron when I was goofing around like young boys do. ;-)
colleen said…
I'm an ironer (don't think that's a word) too!!! I do sew a little, I just finished 12 table runners..10 min runners that come out sweet!! I steam, press, iron and iron more!!! You tell you students..if they want a nice crisp look when they are done they have to put the iron to work..haste makes waste so might as well do right to begin with..Good luck with trying to make it clear to them.

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