Project Nine .... Nine .... Nine

Oh. My. Goodness.

I will hit double digits very soon!!

My 52 projects in 52 weeks goal keeps on humming along.

It does help that it is sub-zero weather ........... day after day after day.

And the snow doesn't stop falling on the weekends.  Every. Weekend.

Seriously .... every. weekend.


Yea .... I am drowning my winter sorrows in crafting.

And this week's craft was basket weaving.  And a big project for a gal that hasn't woven too many baskets in the last 15 years. 

It is coming back .... but not as easily as the sewing bicycle that I am currently trying to ride!!!!

I made a laundry basket to store blankets. 

It is HUGE!!!!

It should store lots and lots of blankets and quilts.

If and when they ever come off my bed!


colleen said…
N-I-N-E!!!! Awesome. I am still trying to follow suit and it is working for me too!!! I did 12 primitive table runners one week but i still only count that as one thing done and always have two knitting projects going at a time...this week I made a quilted case for my most used knitting needles...Thanks again for you inspiration....Doesn't come close to your beautiful aprons or the incredible basket but I'm plugging away and enjoying what I'm doing..You take care and keep me posted on your projects

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