The Iowa Shuffle ..............


More snow.

And still more snow.

Yes ... there is a garden there.  Hopefully, I will  be able to assess the viability of the perennials and shrubs and the survival of a bench before June arrives.  ;)

It seems that our 2 acre yard has 5 acres of snow in it!!!

That's like me trying to squeeze into my summer jeans!!

Ain't going to happen!


So on Saturday, Honey borrowed a tractor and moved snow.

And moved snow.


And moved snow.

He really deserved these new warm, wool socks......

And a cup of cocoa!!!!!!!!


Dan Mays said…
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Dan Mays said…
Well, I'm not going to feel too sorry for Cliff. I noticed that he chose to borrow a tractor with a heated cab! (I'm sure he also had the radio tuned to his favorite station.)

I went to a tractor with a heated cab a few years ago. I got tired of sitting out in the elements until I got so numb that my body parts would no longer function. After a few times of stepping off the tractor onto legs that couldn't function, I decided that what this aging body really needed was heat.

Heated cabs sure beat "the good old days" -- Huh, Cliff?
Miss Effie said…
He did have to turn the heat down ....TWICE!!!

Yea .... it definitely beat the "good old days"!
Ginny said…
I believe a lot of us can relate to the snow. Currently our driveway is under 3-4 inches of snow, then 1/2 of ice, no snow blowing that and last evening another 3 of snow on top of that. I forget the amount before the ice storm. Oh, and we are in line for another storm this week, we may need to borrow a tractor!! Stay warm and safe.
colleen said…
Can you tell me needles size, wt of yarn and how many stitches you use for mens socks...thanks Also do you use the kitchener stitch bind off?
Miss Effie said…
Colleen ... I use size 2 or 3 needles and 56 or 64 stitches. Depends on the gauge. I use Ann Budd's knitting book ... it is so easy ... find our gauge, size, then knit.

Not fancy ... but fool-proof every day socks.

And I do use the kitchener stitch bind off.

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