And so it begins ...........

Spring is slowly arriving to the garden but it is time to get to work.

We have a very long list of projects ... as always.  But one of the first projects is to remove this raised bed and tuteor.

The raised beds were put in to contain mint.  (Like that is possible!!  I swear mint could take over the world!  Or at least, my yard.)

We are removing them because they take up too much valuable flower space.  During the season, this one in particular is neglected so it always looks unkept.   I will gain another 24 square feet of space ..... and that's a lot of bloomin' pretty!!!!

This is really the tough time.  It is hours on my hands and knees ... cleaning and stripping the garden of last years debris and this year's early weeds.

I no longer till the garden.  The soil is rich and beautiful.   Friable ... the agronimists would say.

But I have to say .... this is my time.

 I look at the trends in the winter.  What colors are hot.  What flowers are new.

So now is the time of planning and moving the plants.  What color will look best here?  Is there too much shade for the salvia there?

I make a color plan in the fall ........ but it will change as spring arrives.  What plants will catch your eye?  What will benefit from more sun??

I hear the wind whistle through the trees ..... the robins bob in and out of the garden.  The ground is cold ... and frost is only a few inches below.

It will be a long time before it is warm enough to plant.

Until that time .... I revel in the peace that is found in my garden.  No phones.  No questions.  No emails.

Just the gentle clucking of my partner in crime.

Bug patrol, weed eater, fertilizer and tiller .... rolled into one!

The day will soon come that she is not welcome in the garden  but until then..... she is the best company I could have.

And she provided supper!



Ginny said…
Happy Gardening!!
colleen said…
Sounds like fun days ahead!! enjoy!!
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