Cabin fever ..........

Well, everyone in the Midwest has to admit to some degree of cabin fever.

It is cold. 
It is snowy. 
And it ain't ending anytime soon!!!!

Nothing is happening outside. 
No gardens cleaned.
No magic created.

So Honey and I continue on our project lists.

Honey had an uber-productive weekend!!  Six projects done!  Six!!

Most were little things ... like trimming a couple of branches and fixing the basement door.

Now I say they were little things ..... but I was snuggled into the house, nice and warm,  while he was outside working on the trimming the branches and fixing the basement door.

Obviously ..... our perspectives might be different on this!  ;)

But I think this was super cool!!

He did a Shaker tape seat on this foot stool that we had found at a flea market.

I am really happy with the way it came out.

And I am pretty happy with this.

It is a micro-fleece jacket.  I think it would be awesome in boiled wool!! 

And maybe easier to sew.  I can't say I am a huge fan of fleece.  The pattern suggested fleece and the techniques were perfect for fleece .... but I do love the stability of wool.  Even after trimming and grading and pressing and pressing seam allowances .... I still think there is too much bulk in the facing.

But it is cozy and warm ...... and this winter, I need that!!!

So that is project number 10 for my list.

On to the next one!!!

Cuz it's not warming up any time soon!!!!


Michelle said…
That jacket is CUTE! Love the shape, color, and that lovely collar; I think this is the most stylish garment I have ever seen in fleece.
colleen said…
So much fun to see the creativity!! Both projects are so useful too!! What will #11 be!?!?! Can't wait to find out.

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