The cover-up

They say the cover-up is worse than the crime.

Well ... not in this case!!

These cover-up's are adorable.  At least, I think so.

Obviously, my trip to 5 quilt shops in 5 hours was incredibly successful.  Cuz I have had a ball sewing 3 aprons in one week.  I know many of you would have sewn more .... but I also spun 2 skeins of yarn, embroidered two tea towels, knit one sock and taught 3 classes. 

Now do you forgive the slowness of my needle?

You know .... I love the vintage charm of the church lady apron and these three are so much fun to display.

This apron has a lovely bias cut ruffle .... and the citron green with the bright red strawberries make me smile.

But I don't think anything could make me any happier than this 1960's inspired mod print.  And a new apron pattern will follow the fun-hippie-feel of the fabrics.

I just don't remember chickens being so groovy????????


colleen said…
Love the new material and the aprons!! Guess you won't be having any trouble to get your quota of projects in for this year. I'm getting back into sewing and I don't know what's more fun..buying fabric or sewing!! I'm not into to much fancy sewing but doing a few little girls bags/purses. gift/credit card holders and before I get that all done I have made a pattern out for my scrap booking materials to make some water wheel pattern potholders. doing a little knitting to but that's kinda on the back burner for a bit..You keep up the good work as you are an inspiration to me..Thanks

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