The flower farmer's new skirt

I can't show any blooming flowers.

I can't plant any future flowers.

And Lord knows, I can't order any more flowers!!!

But I can wear them ... so that will have to satisfy me for a couple of weeks.

I will be speaking again at the Illinois Valley Community College Homestead Conference on April 5th.  And I am soooooooooooooo tired of wearing the same old sweaters over and over again .... I decided I needed something pretty.  Something springy.  Something that would make me smile.

I am tired of wearing someone else's discards.

I am tired of wearing over priced clothes.

I am tired of styles that are too young, too old, too tall, too skinny.

I am tired of wearing clothes that don't last.

And most of all, I am tired of wearing clothes made in 3rd world sweat shops by children.

So to be honest ...... this is the result of my kitchen sweat shop.

This fit the criteria set by me ...... it is new.  It was less than $15 ... including fabric, thread, elastic and pattern.  It fits.  It is unique.  And it was constructed carefully.

A simple 4 panel A-line.  Chocolate brown linen-look fabric made of polyester and rayon.  The joy of this fabric is its care.  You can pop it off the clothes line and it doesn't look like a crumpled mess.  Its comfortable wear. 

I embroidered flowers on the front in shades of pink, yellow and blue.

And if I raised the eyebrows of a 4-H judge or two about a "linen-look" fabric ..... please note the inside of the garment.......

Look at those finished seams!!!!

I know!!!! 

Who knew that I could do that??????

I have a top to make in a pink linen-like stuff.

The other thing .... from the fabric store to completion...... less than 24 hours!!  And I taught a class!

We could have had breakfast at the kitchen table!!!!!!

Or not!!!


colleen said…
Good Morning. Thanks for sharing....Love it!! The embroidery adds so much!!

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