A Little Shady ...

Over the past several years, we have lost several trees.

Some were lost during storms.

Some were lost to disease.

Some needed to come down for safety reasons.

I love the intimate coziness that trees and shrubs give a property.  A sense of antiquity.  A sense of endurance.  A sense of time.

A sense of home.

It is time to start replacing some that were lost. 

Since cutting down the huge maple in front of our house ........ the front of the house has looked naked!

It needs enclosure ... privacy ... and some serious style!

This is a Royal Frost birch.  We are really excited about it.  We had a beautiful Crimson Frost birch that unfortunately didn't survive a move to a different location. 

I can re-arrange my house.

I can re-arrange my garden decor.

I can even re-arrange my gardens. 

But I really should leave the trees alone. ;)

Yea ..... that may not happen.

This is a contorted filbert  .... commonly known as a Harry Lauder's Walking Stick

I love this shrub .............. BUT it is a magnet for Japanese beetles.  It never looks healthy.  It is growing outward and downward so it difficult to clean, weed and mow around.

It also doesn't scream "Victorian Farmhouse"!  And I want to hear that!  OK -- the house needs subtle reminders now and again.

So it will be replaced with a Limelight Hydrangea standard.

I may just plant two.

Cuz screaming in stereo is always better!


Barb said…
I have so many plans for this place as well. We have trees all around us but our house seems out in the open. I will have to put a couple of smaller trees around the house....maybe a flowering crab at the sw corner and a service berry in front. I like the thought of something a bit wispy at our front door to make it feel like fairies live here!! :O)

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