Don't Ya Jes Love it???

I know its a surprise ..... but I have a thing for chickens.

Sort of.

I really don't want my house filled with plastic chicken statues or any more chicken dishes.  I need no dishtowels with printed chickens (but I will embroider a dishtowel or two!) 

And after working on wallpaper removal .... there will be NO chicken wallpaper.

My dear sweet Honey still married me after unpacking box after box after box of "Bride in the Barnyard" dishes.  Commonly known in my family as ... the chicken dishes.

But fabric???

Oh .... that's another matter.

Yesterday, this cutie arrived.

Imagine this with yellow rickrack.  Yea ... it will be cute.

I'm not sure which apron pattern I will make with this ..... it might have rickrack.  But it could have crisp white bias trim all around it. 

These two fabrics will be used for a Church lady apron.  They are very primitive and cute together.

Although there is one apron all ready in the Summer Kitchen in this fabric ..... the magic disco ball in my memory, convinced me that I needed more.

And then there is this AWESOME fabric that may have a difficult time leaving my house.

I love love love this fabric!!! 

Did I tell ya that I love this fabric???

So why do I love chicken fabric so much?????????

Maybe it is because of the new residents in the coop.

Or maybe it's because of this little ditty from 1971.

You can thank me later for that ear worm. :)

Chick-A-Boom! Chick-A-Boom-Boom-Boom!!


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