Cleaning House ...........

You didn't think I meant ......???

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Seriously .... I need a live-in maid in here.  Someone to pick up loose threads, stash wayward yarn, organize floss boxes. They must realize that roving is not a dust bunny after attending a Grateful Dead concert.  Yea ... my hobbies have a tendency to explode!

But I digress.

Outside is a WHOLE different story!!!

The end of winter is tough in the country.  Garbage sprouts from the ditches.  The gravel on the lane was pushed into the yard as snow was plowed.  The seed heads from flowers that we left for the birds are brown and dried.

Everything is dismal, un-kept, disorganized and old looking.  And not old-looking in a good way!!!!

It is clean-up time.

I try to start at the end of the lane .... the first place customers will see.

I had a very rude awakening last year to the importance of this small act.

A customer drove 20+ miles to shop at a local business.  They had been customers of the business but at another location.  When they pulled in the lane of the business ..... they saw garbage, clutter and total disorganization.  They quickly backed out .... drove away and stopped here.

They told me about their first impression.  Wow!  Was that an eye-opener for me!

It is hard to get everything ready for spring .... particularly when the weather is .......winter-like!

But on Saturday, we started.

I started at the end of the lane.  But the wind was blowing the dirt and dust into my eyes.  And I was certain it was going to blow the new mulch into the field!

There is always someplace to work that is out of the wind!!

I moved up the lane to our first two fence rows.

The big digger is happy with a new bed of mulch.

And then ..... the urge to re-arrange sets in.

If I just move this over here .... I think that will fit there.

30 years of interior design suddenly rears its "let's pretty this" head!!!

Yea .... I am re-arranging the garden  ........................again!

A couple of weeks ago, this tuteur was going to be smoke in the wind.  I was going to burn it.  Its legs were rotted.  I was getting rid of the raised bed -- the clematis that it was supporting died 3 years ago!!!

Due to high winds and then a burn ban, it just didn't happen!

And suddenly .... I want new!!!

But as I bleed money (it is April!)  the tuteur on the burn pile came to mind!  And with a little cutting and a little straightening and a few sweet pea seeds.......... I should have a new look!

The new dark red "Indiana" lilies in the bed won't hurt either!!!

Now to shop my barn ....................................


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