I get by on crazy!

It is April and I have decided that sanity is over-rated. 

I take deep breathes.  I try to figure out where I am suppose to be.  And remember what I am suppose to be doing.

I tell ya ........ teaching three classes a week sounded so smart .......in November!!!!!

Last week I taught three sewing classes.  Saturday, I taught canning, homestead business and beginning herb gardening.  This week, it has been 2 sewing classes and a jam making class. 

I do have a voice and I've made it through all the classes ..... but I have to admit, I have been drinking sugary, caffeine-fueled drinks to fire up the old gal!!!!

But it hasn't been all work........ I have gotten to sew a bit.  I have several projects .....a-l-m-o-s-t done.  So close I can smell them.  But it is always all over ........when the bobbin runs out!!!

I can show you a finished project, though.

Thanks to a couple of my wonderful customers .... I need to re-stock the church lady aprons.

Here is a close up of the fabric combo.

The difficult part about sewing ..... is restraint. 

Yes ... I admit it.  I can not go into a fabric store to buy thread without buying fabric. 

True story. 

I have tried and tried and tried.  It is totally impossible to do.

Because of that fact  .... you get to look at future church lady apron combos.

Chicken print!  Tiny .. sweet ... primitive.

1930's reproduction fabric!  Love this funky combo!

And finally, this ..............

Pink ... green ... 1930's reproduction.  SWEET!!!!  And it looks like spring!

Now comes the BIG decision .........

Which do I sew first??????


Deborah Niemann said…
I see your dilemma! I was going to say that you should do the chicken print first and sell it to me, but then I saw the pink and green, and .... I cannot decide! I love chickens, but I love pink and green. I love those aprons!

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