In search of spring .........

Well -- March has come and gone and I have yet to see that lamb! 

Today ... it is cold, damp and blustery.  We have finally melted away the last trace of snow in the yard ..... but dirty brown is all that exists.

So I went searching for a little color to put me back in the pink! 

And I found it in the Summer Kitchen.

This tea towel reminds me that it IS spring.  I go out and look at it daily.  If you buy it and this weather doesn't change ... I may be at your house, looking at it!!

Just jokin'!


The rain today reminds me that .....................


But honesty in blogging wants me to inform you ...... they will be LATE May flowers.  Maybe early June.

Blooming predictions are not my strong suit. ;)

This Easter basket is brimming with spring color.

If the sun doesn't warm things up soon ........ I'm going to have to knit up some of this!

The Summer Kitchen will be open on Friday from 10-3 so maybe you can get a spring-fix!

And yes ............ I do have lots of these!!!

The eggs.

There is only one tea towel!


colleen said…
good morning. We are still buried in snow and I'm not looking forward to the muddy part!! Your tea towels are beautiful and the basket of yarn sure does look inviting. Take care and have a great weekend.

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