Letting off steam...

Ya know I am pissed when there are two blog posts in one day!!!

Do you know what this is???

This is a garden dibber or dibbler.  They quickly make perfect, even holes for transplanting seeds, small bulbs, onion sets and plugs. 

Once my ground is ready to go ..... I can go punch, punch, punch down the row making holes and dropping in my plugs (transplants). The holes are small enough that watering will push the soil in place around the plant.

I have an old dibber .. made from a shovel handle.  It works great.  But the ground is wet ... and the soil sticks to the cracks and crevices of the dried wood.  A dibber with a stainless steel tip would work great in the situation we have right now.

So I ran to the two garden centers we have in town.

First one did not have one. But they knew what they were. Forgiven.  Even though a young man wanted to sell me a bulb transplanter.

Second one .... didn't have a clue.  Not young employees.  In fact, one was a manager.

I understand that I am easily pushed over the edge.  We are all on a learning curve.  I don't expect everyone in a specific industry to know everything.  I do expect some knowledge in the store.  And four employees had never heard of dibbler / dibbers.  Or even pointy things that make holes in the garden.


The one pictured is from Burpee's website.  Now I don't consider Burpee's to be an obscure English gardening company.

The over-the-edge-moment came with the following words ... I can look online and see if we could order one for you.

Without hesitation, first thing out of my mouth was ....... I can do that.  

(Where is that sock????  I need that sock!!!)

I wanted to buy locally ..... but seriously, Amazon knows what I am looking for and will deliver it to my door.

So if you own a garden center, work at a garden center or have friends that work at a garden center .... this is today's quiz for your employees.  What is a dibber or dibbler?

But you don't have to worry about me coming in to quiz you .....

Amazon .... here I come!!!


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