Searching for the glass ......

There are "the glass is half full" people.

There are " the glass is half empty" people.

Me?  I'm just trying to find it.

I used to make list after list after list for the things I had to do in the garden.

Ordered snapdragons
Laid out snapdragon row
Planted snapdragons
Fertilized snapdragons
Mulched snapdragons

And listing everything was helpful.

And depressing.

Cuz the list never ever ever ends!!!

So no more lists.

But you get to see the boring posts about what has gotten done.

Wanna know why???

Cuz just looking at the little bit of progress makes me feel better.  

Almost like crossing it off the list ..... if I made one.

Clean ... mulched and some planting done.  New ribbon on the wreath and cup is clean and shiny.

This is one of my favorite focal points when it is planted and ready to go.  But it is now cleaned and mulched and ready for the arrival of rudbeckia .... in approximately 10 days.

So SOMETHING did get done.

And Honey did find the glass.

It now has a cold beer in it.

Drinking it ...... one more thing off my list!


Barb said…
We have to celebrate the little victories, don't we?
Peggy said…
That's funny about the glass! I always say we will die with things on our to do list. I have to get it out of my head and on a piece if paper! Otherwise, there is no room for any incoming data.

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