Over the last year or so ..... I have been sewing quite a bit.

I have made 4 skirts and 1 dress for myself.  I have fabric for another dress in the stash along with wool for a split skirt.

And it is fun to have skirts and dresses in my wardrobe again .... something other than basic black!

But its not what I wear ... day in and day out.

And if sewing is important to me ..... it needs to be part of my every day life.  If I want to practice what I preach .... I need to wear clothing made here in Iowa.  In my very own little sweat shop .... right on my kitchen table.

So .... let me show you .... Every day wear for Miss Eff.


Lots of sweatshirts.

This gave me some much needed practice sewing with knit fabrics.   I shortened the sleeves but need to shorten the body with the next one.

Super easy pattern by Kwik Sew ...... nice big pouch in front for carrying my camera, gloves, eggs and even a kitten at times.  I can stuff clippers, garbage and chicks in there!!!

It is a really nice, plush sweatshirt fabric .... really soft.  And the cost was under $11.00 ... not counting the price of the pattern.   I also bought some "Glow-in-the-dark" pink fabric.  If we have another winter like this last one ..... Honey will be able to find me when I sink into a drift!

And lookie ....lookie .... there's a hoodie!!!!

OK --- I'll go work in the garden now.


I'm totally impressed! Never would have thought to make a sweatshirt. So smart. And so cute, too!

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