Baggin' it!

As I was packing Honey's lunch the other day .... I realized it was time for a new sandwich bag.

We have been using reusable cotton sandwich bags for almost 7 years now.

And I have a complaint.

Well ... actually 2 complaints.

1) The sandwich bags are often too small.

2) Since they are marketed for school lunches, the fabrics are often juvenile in nature.  Which is great for an 8 year-old.  My AARP card-caring husband would like something more mature.

So .... I've got this new fancy-dancy sewing machine and I've got my sewing room oh-so-close-to-organized..... it was time to solve my complaints.

First complaint:

Size .........

I bake our own bread and who knows what size of loaf it might be!!!  It might be too long, too high ... I might use a tortilla as a wrap or we may use a 6" hoagie for a sandwich.  And there have been times, that I have struggled to get the sandwich in the bag even after I have cut it.

And then ..... I end up using a plastic bag or wrap. 

That just defeated the purpose.

So the sandwich bags I made are 2" wider and an 1" taller. 

Complaint number 2:

Adult fabric choices....

I LOVE  fun, funky fabrics!  And these bags help me use up some scraps from previous projects.

This one has a rick-rack edging.

I think this is kitchy without being cutesie!  It reminds me of 1950's kitchen wallpaper! 

And I was there!!

I think any dog lover would love this bag.

So these (and a few more) are hanging out in the Summer Kitchen.  Brown bag essentials for the gray-haired crowd!

You ask about Honey's sandwich bag????????

Yea ............ maybe I'll make that tomorrow!!!


melanie said…
Are these a Midwestern thing? Never seen them in do you just pop them in the wash after a use?
Miss Effie said…
No -- the first ones we bought were from a gal near Boston called Snack Taxis. She had been featured on Oprah and her business skyrocketed. But there are a lot of local women that make them. Tutorials are all over the internet.

And I do just throw them into the machine and dryer. They are really awesome ... but I needed larger ones. The ones I make are about 8" square.

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