Decorating Angst ..........

You know those moments ...

It's close .. but its not.  Sort of right.  But you see it in your guts that some work has got to be done.

It started out with extreme frustration .... my sewing area was my kitchen table.  And twice a week, I would pack up my machine, scissors, tape measures, seam rippers, bobbins, thread, marking pens and take off for class. And some projects would stay on the kitchen table.  And some projects would be completed. 

But there was stuff .... EVERYWHERE!

Toss in a cooking class every week  ... 6 boxes of plugs for the garden, two boxes of bulbs, taxes .... and 19 new chicks..... and lots of rain...........I had a melt down. 

I know ... I am a wimp.

As with all melt-downs -- ya got to get to the heart of the matter.  And the heart is ...... I need some organization.

Actually, I need someone to do the organizing for me but that's not going to happen.  Fortunately for me (not my garden!) it is cold and rainy and I might as well worry about organizing stuff.  Otherwise ... I will worry about the garden.

After debating back and forth for a couple of days ... we decided the office might be the best place for the sewing center.

So I have been trying to make my office into my dream sewing room.

I want it to look like .....


Or like this ............


Yea .... 

Not. Going. To. Happen.

Now .... there are moments of sort of  pretty.

But how do I make plastic look ..... pretty????

And it is Spring.

I bleed money in Spring.

So its all about making what I already have .... work.  And work pretty.

The room is incredibly small ..... most master bedrooms have closets bigger than its 7 foot by 15 foot dimensions.  It also is our office and library with a 7' wall and a 15' wall filled with bookshelves.

I've taken an antique stepback cupboard and converted part of it to sewing storage.  The bottom is filled with rarely used serving pieces.  (Anyone want a silver tea service???  Just kidding!)

And .............. its OK but not pretty.

I'll keep you informed on progress.  

Cuz there won't be any progress in the garden for several days!!!!


Ginny said…
Just a thought, what about painting the step back to match the walls (might look like it is built in).

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